Microsoft to retire Windows XP at end of June

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win_xp_deafult.jpgMicrosoft has announced that from June 30, 2008 Windows XP will no longer be available in the shops. Thankfully, the Redmond giant is not withdrawing all its support for the aging operating system – mainstream technical support will continue until April next year and Microsoft won’t actually start saying X-what? until April 2014.

One version of XP is scheduled to linger around a little longer too. A version of XP Home for ULCPCs, or Ultra-low-cost PCs, (or Utter-loads-of-crap PCs which don’t even fall into the highly dubious Vista Capable category) will be available for a little longer.

But it’s the beginning of the end for XP, which is a shame seeing as it was one of the better OS offerings that Microsoft managed in the last several years and still a decent choice if you actually want to get some performance out of your PC. Now we’re just going to be stuck with Vista… Great.

Windows XP (via Gear Diary)

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