PC keyboard nostalgia: EnduraPro 104 classic IBM replica


If you’ve been a PC user for a while, you’ll probably remember the noisy IBM keyboards of yesteryear. No computer science lab or office was complete without the clickety-clack of the granddaddy of all keyboards.

I’ve heard they’re quite hard to come by these days – working that is – though a few seem to crop up on eBay from time to time. So, if you want the nostalgia, why not try the EnduraPro 104 keyboard which claims to have the same tactile feeling and click of the original it emulates.

It’s available in two-tone black with metallic keys, or the classic pearl white (this one’s available in ‘classic’ PS2 only)

As if that wasn’t enough, their website states:

The PS2 model is factory configurable which allow us to tailor and customize the keyboard when it is manufactured to suit your specific requirements. For example, we can add macro commands to the keyboard thus reducing keystrokes and improving productivity. Linux users can now have a keyboard that puts the Ctrl and Esc keys where they want them and users who prefer the Dvorak layout can have a keyboard that will work with any software package.

So there you go – noisy nostalgia.

Product page (via Gizmodo)

Andy Merrett
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