E3 2008, best twenty video games, now done in Haiku

According to my watch, E3 is now finished. The conference has been shifted and downsized and generally turned upside down by format changes but it is still one of the biggest video games spectacles in the world. Nearly everything worth looking out for in the coming months and, in several cases, years was on show. I'm can't write up each one individually as it would take me till September, so here they are in a convenient Haiku form. I take no responsibility for whether these actually conform to rigorous Haiku format requirements.

Commodore 64 owners are really bad at time keeping – first ever LAN party held this year


The Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club held its 2008 C=4 expo last weekend, billed as the first Commodore 64 LAN party in the world. Ever. That is something of a surprise, not because the machines are anything less than the most awesome games and software (but mostly games) platform in the world BAR NONE, but because they were discontinued 14 years ago.

Next week at Mobile World Congress, LG will launch the touch LG-KF510

Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress expo (previously named 3GSM) next week promises to be full to the brim with new handsets, particularly as CES was a bit of a let-down in terms of ear furniture.

Thankfully we don’t have to wait until next Monday for the announcements, as LG’s LG-KF510 has been leaked to the interweb today, promising touch-sensitive…

What punters can expect from the E3 expo this year

santamonicae3.jpg E3, the annual gaming expo held in Santa Monica, is being kicked off this week, and teh internets are rife with speculation. There’s been a few announcements already – namely that far from generous PS3 price cut – but what else can we expect from the gaming expo to end all gaming expos?

From our Sony PlayStation site, PSPSPS.tv
– July 11th will see the official SCEA E3 press conference (downloadable on the PlayStation Network), and will no doubt contain the new Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer.
– Ninja Gaiden Sigma developer Tecmo has spoken to GameSpot over their dislike of the new E3 format…

CEDIA expo 2007: JVC V-series LCD TVs

Yesterday at CEDIA 2007 I grabbed ahold of JVC’s man of the hour, Steven Carter, to discuss their latest range of TVs, the V-series. With two options (the 42″ model being released in July, for £1,500, and the 47″ model – yes, you read that right, a 47″ LCD telly, those crazy kids at JVC are thinking outside of the box, coming in at £2,000 in August), they’re for those large of lounge and deep of pockets…