Commodore 64 owners are really bad at time keeping – first ever LAN party held this year

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The Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club held its 2008 C=4 expo last weekend, billed as the first Commodore 64 LAN party in the world. Ever. That is something of a surprise, not because the machines are anything less than the most awesome games and software (but mostly games) platform in the world BAR NONE, but because they were discontinued 14 years ago.

That didn’t hold back the C=4 attendees though, as you can see. Looks like Pete Waterman even showed up to have a go. And in celebration of its LAN party status, a whole new C64 game was unveiled, called NetRacer. NetRacer can be played by up to eight players either together with Ethernet cartridges or over the internet. I have the feeling it may have missed its shot at mainstream success.

C=4 (via BoingBoing)

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