Special Feature: iPhone 3G Launch Day Fun Part One: East of London


I know, you’re sick of the iPhone 3G launch already, aren’t you? You knew it was going to happen, though, didn’t you — most technology sites did exactly the same thing last year.

Still, before near-normal service is resumed on Monday, stick with this special feature, because you never know, you might see a punch-up. iPhone-mania makes people do strange things.

Here’s the best (and worst) of iPhone launch day, east of London. Updated whenever something interesting happens, so let us know in the comments if we’ve missed anything.

iPhone 3G arriving at AT&T HQ. This isn’t staged at all.

“Black 3G iPhones are in black boxes and the white 3G iPhones in white boxes.” Yeah, you’ll never see that in the UK.

iphone_3g_new_zealand.jpgThis smelly New Zealander (c’mon, he’s bound to be smelly by now) was allegedly the first official person to get their hands on an iPhone 3G. You know it’s WINTER down under, right? (via The iPhone Blog)

iphone-3g-nz-line-04.jpgHere’s more Kiwis waiting for the iPhone. Apparently TEN people turned up — they’ve got their iPhones now. We can only dream of just TEN people turning up at O2. (via Live Crunch)

iphone_1st-200x0.jpgIn Australia, Brett Howell is the first man to get the iPhone 3G. He had to wear this special badge — no, really, it was an order.

He’s now tentatively playing with the new phone on his way to re-mortgage his house to pay for the monthly data charges.

Sux bad.

(Via Discover Vancouver – yes I know Vancouver is in Canada)

ap_iphone_080110_mn.jpgButch is ready to go in this Tokyo queue. Interestingly, the iPhone 3G is causing the Japanese to get excited, even though they actually invented it over 25 years ago. I think they just like Steve.

‘By late Thursday, a line of nearly 800 iPhone fans snaked around the block, with some sleeping on the streets to ensure they would be among the first customers.” Let’s hope they have more iPhones in stock than O2 does.

(Via ABC News)

Here’s Hiroyuki Sano, who will possibly be the first person in Asia to get hold of the iPhone. (Via Crunch Gear)

Stay tuned for more soon, or check out part two: London and West

Andy Merrett
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