China claims Apple police monitoring app ‘helps Hong Kong thugs’

Apple has come under pressure from China after the ruling Communist Party’s main newspaper criticised the tech giant for a smartphone app that allows Hong Kong activists to report police movements., designed by an outside supplier and available on Apple Inc’s online store, “facilitates illegal behaviour”, the People’s Daily said in a commentary. “Is…

N96 Bruce Lee edition – enter the handset


Yes, you read that right. Bruce Lee edition. If you didn’t think the N96 could be any cooler, then you’ve got a problem, because it’s not exactly the coolest handset around, but it has just got a smidgen cooler, thanks to this launch. Sadly, it’s Hong Kong only so far.

The handset comes with Lee’s trademark glare on the back cover, as well as a bunch of accessories and a Bruce Lee doll. Several rare photos of the actor are stored on the phone’s memory. It costs 8,788 Chinese Yuan (£870!), and you’ll need to know some Chinese to buy it.

Nokia China (via Unwired View)

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