Special Feature: iPhone 3G Launch Day Fun Part Two: London and West


Check out part one of this special feature for iPhone launch day fun east of London.

regent_street_apple_store_queue_of_one.gifQueues are building up outside Apple’s flagship store in Regent Street, London. Well, OK, there was one person in a bright yellow cocoon in this photo, but apparently they’re arriving in droves now, with as many as TEN people sighted.

You do know you have to pay for this iPhone, right?

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o2_bishops_stortford.jpgThere’s a supercharged atmosphere outside the O2 store in BIshops Stortford, as our esteemed ex-editor-but-one Stuart Dredge found out this morning.

Everyone looks really happy.

iphone_cw1.jpgMore pictures from an undisclosed Carphone Warehouse store somewhere in the UK. No word on whether those people are still there.

iphone_cw2.jpgI heard a rumour that one CW store only had six handsets, but neglected to tell seventh place onwards for two hours. Ouch!


iphone_queue_sweden.pngApparently, this store in Göteborg, Sweden, told people queueing that they had to leave at around 2.30am because the store was closing. I bet that went down well. (Via Johan Sanneblad

new_york_store_queue.jpgIn New York, a queue of some 100 people has formed outside the 5th Avenue Apple Store, although some people have already given up.

One guy tried to sell his seventh place for $150 – sorry, you need to be at least third to make that deal worth it.

Another couple left when they found out you had to sign up to a contract. Or maybe it was just too cold.

More updates throughout the day.

Andy Merrett
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