Top Five gadgets that would make the London to Brighton bike ride a lot more pleasant

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london-to-brighton.jpgMy brain is in meltdown and my body in need of panel beating, for yesterday, with 26,999 others, I completed the 54 miles of the London to Brighton bike ride. Pedaling like fury while crawling inch by inch up the mighty Ditchling Beacon I decided to take my mind off my screaming thighs by compiling a Tech Digest top five gadgets that would make the London to Brighton bike ride a lot more pleasant…

air-seat.jpg1.)Air Seat – My arse is killing me. “It hurts like buggery” as someone said to me yesterday and I can only imagine that’s right. Instead, simply use a standard pump to fill this tushy pad with enough air to make you feel like your floating all the way to the seaside. You can bag it for $60 plus postage from the US or try to decipher the German and get it cheaper.

air-hub.jpg2.)Nakano Air Hub – When your tyres are firmer than a Olympic athlete’s buttocks it makes all the difference, but diffusion is the enemy of all cyclists and they will deflate as the ride goes on, unless of course you’ve got this auto-inflating tyre pump. The rotation of your bike’s wheels push air through the pump and into the inner tubes with the added protection of a safety valve to keep them from bursting. Hey presto, permanently optimum pressure and a far easier ride.

cerevellum.jpg3.)Cerevellum – I’m not particularly interested in how fast I’m going, my power graph, the fact that it has a 32MB memory card or that it’s USB compatible, although the GPS looks quite handy. What I’d really like to use the Cerevellum for is its rear view camera with the image displayed on the 3.5″ LCD screen. No more looking over my shoulder before I pull out to go round some slow coach to find I’ve nearly crashed into someone else while I wasn’t looking. No neck injuries, no swerving and no added stress. The only trouble is the $800 asking price may cause you to burst a few blood vessels.

solar-wheeled-bike.jpg4.)EV Sunny Bicycle – Slightly cheating but at least 50% of the people yesterday got off their bikes and pushed at some point and who could deny them that little extra help so long as they pedal when they can? The solar discs on the EV Sunny will supply 500W to the bike’s motor which is enough to take you up to 19mph while everyone else sweats. Just remember to move you legs to make it look good. Not cheap at $1,295 but you’ll thank yourself.

5.)Jet powered bicycle – Ok, so this is cheating but how smug would you feel as you scream past the crowd with a pair of kerosene-fueled bad boys strapped to the back of your Raleigh Shopper? It’ll probably set you back around $10,000 and don’t expect to make any friends on the way to Brighton either but the noise of those engines is something to behold. Just mind the 770°C flames on your fingers and your packed lunch.

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