Thank god the Dutch have invented the WheelSurf, now we can all look like hamsters


mobile-circle.jpgIt’s just not fair. Not only does the Netherlands have the world’s highest standards of living, beautiful scenery, and amazingly friendly and gorgeous Nordics, but they also get this incredibly cool WheelSurf. Queue flight sales to the Netherlands rising by 300% after this post is published.

Looking akin to a human hamster wheel, the $6,900 ‘mobile circle’ is powered by a gas Honda engine which can reach speeds of more than 18mph. According to Slippery Brick, “The outer wheel revolves around propelling you forward while keeping the center level with the horizon. Steering is accomplished by moving your center of gravity (that means you) to the right, left or back to stop.”

Take a look under the jump for the WheelSurf in action – ouch.

Wheel Surf at Slippery Brick (via Crave)

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Katherine Hannaford
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