Digg gets the social network treatment

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digg.jpgThe creators of Digg have decided to give the geek-centric site more of a social networking feel, in order to boost community and let people share a bit more of their bio with others, as well as introducing friendship groups and allowing news to be filtered based on what their friends are Digging.

Other features include “Shout” which allows users to send quick messages to people on their friends list, plus sharing.

Though the site reportedly gets nearly twenty million visitors each month, and founder Kevin Rose says that only 12% of total page views are technology based, Digg certainly has a reputation as serving quite a narrow band of tech fans.

That’s something Rose believes will change as the user base becomes more diverse, and with the introduction of new features such as “Digg Images” which is coming in October.

It’s unlikely to turn Digg into the next Facebook, but perhaps, just possibly, people might be a little more friendly on it. Heck, who am I kidding? Pistols at dawn in the snarky comments section to continue, eh?

(Via CNet News)

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