Bing gets more visitors than Twitter


Figures released show that Microsoft’s ‘knowledge engine’, Bing, got more unique visitors than Twitter, Digg and CNN in June. It also scored more visitors than Embroidery Online, and Non-League Daily but I suppose that’s not as significant.

The site was visited by nearly 50 million users – 49,571,922 to be precise. Twitter got 22,997,148 visitors in the same period, CNN got 28,645,202 and Digg got 38,961,981.

Microsoft reportedly spent £61million on the launch of Bing. So it’s money well spent then? Well, maybe, but Bing isn’t really designed to rival Twitter, Digg or CNN is it? It’s meant to rival Google. Google got 145,948,025 unique users in June, so it’s still got a way to go then.

It’s even still trailing Microsoft’s other search engine, Live, which got 79,405,701 visitors. This was a 21% drop from May though, indicating that users are ditching Live in favour of Bing.

Are you guys using Bing? If so, what do you think? I’ve only really had a quick look – I quite liked the video searching with playback available via the thumbnails. Although I’m told you could do this with Live anyway.

I’m just not getting the whole Bing name either. The Bing will always be Silv’s club in The Sopranos to me. Fuget about it.

(via Revolut!on & Compete)

DIGG THIS: Micro-blogging citizen journalism toy Twitter beats granddad Digg in traffic war


Internet traffic tracker Hitwise has reported a readership boom kicking off for mini-blog portal Twitter, with the number of visits to the “citizen journalism” gonzo reportage site topping that of Digg for the first time.

The graph generated by Hitwise – stolen by us and shown to the left there – tells the story of Twitter’s unstoppable rise, with recent high-profile Twitter events pushing user numbers to new highs…

Google and Microsoft may be ready for fight over Digg sale


Digg, the user-generated news site, may be close to being sold off to the highest bidder. According to TechCrunch, a source very close to the alleged deal, four companies are interested in buying Digg, including Microsoft and Google.

Remember the face-off (ahem) between the two giants over Facebook? We could be set to see a similar battle — that is, if the other two “media/news companies” aren’t successful.

Yahoo! launching Digg clone "Yahoo! Buzz" – no wonder Microsoft was so keen

yahoo-buzz-revealed-social-digg-clone.jpgDisplaying the sort of creativity that’s seen Yahoo! gradually decline for more than a decade, Yahoo! Buzz is a new social news service.

Users will – get this! – be able to “submit” stories, stories which other users will then be able to “vote” on. The more votes a story gets, the higher prominence it’s eventually given on the Yahoo! front page.

Good god, it’s a genius idea. No wonder Yahoo! rejected Microsoft’s $45bn offer – with creativity like this on tap the company will be worth trillions by 2012…