Google and Microsoft may be ready for fight over Digg sale

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digg.jpgDigg, the user-generated news site, may be close to being sold off to the highest bidder. According to TechCrunch, a source very close to the alleged deal, four companies are interested in buying Digg, including Microsoft and Google.

Remember the face-off (ahem) between the two giants over Facebook? We could be set to see a similar battle — that is, if the other two “media/news companies” aren’t successful.

Microsoft already has an advertising deal in place with Digg, much like they do with Facebook. However, if Google gets hold of Digg, Microsoft may pull out of that. Google are no strangers to advertising, though.

The investment bank Allen & Co suggests a price of around $300m, though Google may well offer up around $200-225m.

Digg (via TechCrunch)

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