Yahoo! launching Digg clone "Yahoo! Buzz" – no wonder Microsoft was so keen


yahoo-buzz-revealed-social-digg-clone.jpgDisplaying the sort of creativity that’s seen its influence dwindle for the last decade, Yahoo! will soon reveal Yahoo! Buzz – a social news service.

Users will – get this! – be able to “submit” stories, stories which other users will then be able to “vote” on. The more votes a story gets, the higher prominence it’s eventually given on the Yahoo! Buzz front page.

What a clever idea. No wonder Yahoo! rejected Microsoft’s $45bn offer – with creativity like this on tap the company will be worth trillions by 2012.

Although, and here comes the backtracking and some proper facts, Yahoo! Buzz could actually take off as a more populist version of Digg. Yahoo! has already convinced major news sources like the New York Times, USA Today and The Economist to add “Buzz” buttons next to their stories. With backing from established old school media, Buzz could possibly penetrate the mass web in ways geeky sites like Digg and StumbleUpon can only dream of.

Even though the very last thing we need is yet another bloody social submission networking user name and password to remember.

(Via The Times)

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