Apple's iTunes is now the second biggest music retailer in America


itunes-number-2-retailer-music.jpgNot sure what’s the most shocking part about this news – the fact that iTunes is so big, or the fact that it isn’t already the number one.

Second only to Wal-Mart (the American ASDA) when it came to shifting “product” during 2007, iTunes has now overtaken Best Buy (the American Currys/Dixons) to shuffle up a place in the sales league to the US #2. iTunes is not just a little thing hardcore Apple fans use any more.

Also, during 2007, the statisticians at NPD said legal music purchases online through the likes of iTunes and its weak and ineffective competitors accounted for 10 percent of all music sales – but that has not countered the decline in traditional CD sales.

Apple itself boasted that it’s served 50 million punters via iTunes, and sold over four billion tracks in the process. That’s the entire Status Quo back catalogue TWICE.

(Via Apple Insider)

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