Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt sales soar as Amazon reviews go viral


Humorous reviews of a wicked-cool T-shirt featuring 3 wolfs and a moon went viral this week sending sales soaring 2,300%.

“It’s got 3 wolves on it. Like, I’d be happy with a t-shirt with one wolf on it, but this one’s got three. Three wolves – and a moon, and it’s a full moon and stuff, so it kind of makes me feel like a werewolf when I’m wearing it – which is kind of my favourite way to feel,” said Carl Chesterson, in one of the 454 reviews on Amazon.

But Isabelle O’Carroll, editor of online fashion bible, Catwalk Queen, told us that actually, “Wolf print t-shirts have been the height of hipster cool for some time now, and then Martin Margiela had some airbrush hippy tees in his SS/08 collection (that’s spring summer 2008 for the non-fashion types)”

“Then Topshop followed suit with their take on the trend, so the wolf tee might be hitting headlines but as usual fashion got there first!”

And actually, Tech Digest wouldn’t mind a return to the days when a man could don a wolf, or He-man, or Fat Willys t-shirt without being castigated.

Michael McGloin, art director of the firm behind the tee said: “We’ll take ironic fashiom any day, we’re printing another 400,000 more t-shirts.

“It’s just a fantastic thing.” It is. It really is. Wolf t-shirts for all.

Apple's iTunes is now the second biggest music retailer in America

itunes-number-2-retailer-music.jpgNot sure what’s the most shocking part about this news – the fact that iTunes is so big, or the fact that it isn’t already the number one.

Second only to Wal-Mart (the American ASDA) when it came to shifting “product” during 2007, iTunes has also now overtaken Best Buy (the American Dixons) to shuffle up a place in the sales league. iTunes is not just a little thing hardcore Apple fans use any more.

Also, during 2007, the statisticians at NPD said legal…

Mega Mech Airmagination inflatable robot at Wal-Mart is largest in market!

Just what every little Timmy and Tricia needs, a giant inflatable robot. Maybe kids can program it to steal their Mummy’s Brooks Brothers’ cardigans, and key-scratch their Daddy’s Rolls Royce?

Ok, so it’s only $40 from Wal-Mart, so is unlikely to be given to little bourgeoisie kiddywinks in America, but still, does a child really need something twice the size of them to play with? The Mega Mech Airmagination inflates to 48 inches tall…