Mega Mech Airmagination inflatable robot at Wal-Mart is largest in market!


Just what every little Timmy and Tricia needs, a giant inflatable robot. Maybe kids can program it to steal their Mummy’s Brooks Brothers’ cardigans, and key-scratch their Daddy’s Rolls Royce?

Ok, so it’s only $40 from Wal-Mart, so is unlikely to be given to little bourgeoisie snots in America, but still, does a child really need something twice the size of them to play with? The Mega Mech Airmagination inflates to 48 inches tall, and propels itself around on wheels, spouting the occasional robot-like phrase. Sadly Wal-Mart does not specify what a robot-like phrase is, but I’m holding out for “Mummy, your new Chanel perfume stinks like Ralph’s wee-wee”.

Mega Mech Airmagination inflatable robot at Wal-Mart (via

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Katherine Hannaford
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