Firebox's Say What? is finally a way to prove your IMDB-knowledge

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Finally, a way to put your walking-IMDB friend in their place! We’ve all got one, an annoying know-it-all friend who claims to be hugely knowledgable about films and television, but here’s hoping their reflexes and quick-thinking aren’t as stellar as their film skillz.

Firebox are flogging a nifty sounding game called Say What?, which asks users to unscramble well-known phrases from films, TV, songs, and life in general, by placing the coloured balls in their correct sequences. Jumbled-up phrases like ‘Let’s…the twist…do…baby…c’mon’ should be rearranged into ‘C’mon baby, let’s do the twist!’, thus giving the gamer uber-cred. With over 300 phrases, it won’t take too long to memorise them all before you invite your walking-IMDB friend around for a session, and steal his know-it-all crown.

Say What? is £24.95 at Firebox

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