Firebox launches the iKaraoke for iPod

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ikaraoke.jpgWe wrote about Griffin’s iKaraoke gizmo last year. It’s a microphone that plugs into your iPod, fades out the vocals, and lets you sing in their place – while transmitting the results to your hi-fi in real-time, so your family / housemates can flee listen.

Anyway, at the time, there weren’t any details of pricing or availability. But don’t worry karaoke fans, it’s just gone on sale on for the bargain price of £29.95. It connects to your stereo via cable or FM transmission, and lets you warble along with extra reverb if you want.

It’s a bit thin, like those pencil-mics that were popular on Top Of The Pops in the 1980s, but looks like the ultimate addition to any right-thinking iPod owner’s parties.

iKaraoke for iPod

Stuart Dredge
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