Internet Explorer 7 still losing out to Firefox, says, errr… Firefox

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ie7.gifAccording to the “Spread Firefox” website (who I’m sure are being entirely impartial) Microsoft’s announcement of 100million installations of Internet Explorer 7 is entirely (?) attributable to upgrades from IE6, with the total market share of Internet Explorer dropping over the last 3 months.

OK, it’s not purely Firefox gloating, the original article appeared in Information Week, but it does show that you can prove almost anything with statistics.

Let’s face it, a lot of those upgrades from IE6 to IE7 weren’t even actively chosen ones – Windows just downloaded and installed it when it was ready.

I must admit, from the little I’ve seen of IE7, I do quite like it, but then I don’t use either Explorer or Firefox as my main browser (they tend to get tucked away as ‘test browsers’ for when some web page isn’t working properly).

“Maybe Microsoft’s met its match with Firefox. Maybe it just can’t compete against open-source and the whole world.” closed Information Week.

What do Microsoft have do to start getting market share back?

(Via Spread Firefox)

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