GMEA: it's a mobile phone with a sliding-puzzle keypad

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gmea.jpgGod bless designers. If they weren’t coming up with crazy concepts for new gadgets, the world would be a much less fun place.

Meet GMEA, which its creator describes as “the first ever real game phone”. Does that mean 3D graphics, an attached DualShock joypad, and a slot for Nintendo DS cartridges? Sadly not.

Instead, it’s got a keypad that mimics a sliding puzzle! Bear with me on this, it’s genius. Really. You can move them around to arrange them however you like, although the right positions are marked underneath, so you can get them back into place if necessary.

It’s the brainchild of Russian designer Dima Komissarov: click on the link below to see a moving demo, then ring up Nokia and DEMAND they incorporate this into their next handset. Or not, as you prefer.

GMEA concept mobile

Stuart Dredge
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