Firebox offers USB Cassette Deck

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Is everyone sat at home feverishly transferring their cassettes to digital format? You would think so with the number of such devices coming onto the market. The latest of these is from Firebox, which is now offering the USB Cassette Deck.

And guess what? It looks just like an old cassette deck. Because essentially, that’s what it is, complete with tape counter, two slots and a metal/CrO2 tape selector. But there’s one addition – USB. That means it can hook up to your computer, then working with the Audacity and EZ Tape Converter software, it can copy your old tape tunes into digital music, then drop then into your iTunes (should you use it).

If, like me, you have boxes of old tapes, it might be worth a look. You can pick one up for £99.95.

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