Plus Deck Cassette Converter – add a cassette deck to your desktop PC


We’ve got rid of the floppy drive from our desktop PCs, so why not replace it with something equally outdated – the Plus Deck Cassette Converter.

Thing is, if you are anything like me, you might well have a pile of cassettes still sat around the house, some containing material not available on CD format. So the Plus Deck isn’t as daft as it first sounds. Just slip in a cassette to convert, edit and play your old sounds on your PC. And once they’re in MP3 format, you can bin that big pile of plastic and reclaim a corner of your room.

The deck is easily installed in any spare 5.25-inch bay of your computer and comes with software to make conversion easy. No Mac version (for obvious reasons), though you can convert cassettes on a Mac with something like TerraTec iVinyl.

The Plus Deck retails for £99.95.

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Dave Walker
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