Ministry of Sound launches P21 Sound-Pod portable speaker system

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Yet another iPod accessory, this time a pocket speaker system from Ministry of Sound – the P21 Sound-Pod.

The speaker unit is designed for a 40GB, 60GB or iPod video and has two main uses (or three if you want to show off your passion for the famous club franchise). Firstly, it’s to protect your player, with a tight fit and a soft (but solid) case, produced using ballistic nylons and molded EVA.

Secondly, it plays your tunes through the external speakers. They’re NXT flat speakers, which means less bulk, but still plenty of sound for its size. There’s also easy access to the controls, a side pocket for your earphones and a nylon band to attach it to yourself or your bag.

Available now, you can pick one up for £24.99.

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