Ministry reveals MP3 speaker system

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This is the latest of many similar speaker
packages that have been unveiled recently. Ministry of Sound must have also
come to realise that PCs and MP3 players are really starting to threaten
traditional Hi-Fi systems with their vastly improved functionality outweighing the
slight drop in sound quality. The MOSAS113 USB Speaker Kit is a 2.1 system consisting
of a 24w sub with integrated amplifier and 2 x 8w satellite speakers. Unlike
rival Creative models we saw last week, the MOSAS113 has a direct line in and a USB input which has the added
advantage of allowing you to control playback from the amp itself rather than
struggling with the tiny buttons on the player. Sounds pretty good, but if you’re
using it as a PC speaker set the sub is likely to reside beneath a desk and so the
absence of a remote might prove annoying. Still, it only costs £59 which isn’t

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