T-Mobile to bring Sidekick II to UK (at last)

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We hear through the old mobile phone grapevine that T-Mobile is going to bring the Sidekick II, aka the Hiptop version two, to the UK.

Now we have had a run in with the Sidekick before and kind of liked its kooky design, A1 messaging facilities and not at all bad web browser.

But it was a nightmare using it as a phone and is there any point in bringing out a youth-ish mobile these days which doesn’t have an MP3 player?

And as for its VGA camera that’s sooo 2004.

Anyhow we’ll be intrigued to see what, if any, tweaking T-Mobile has done to the device to get it ready for the UK. We suspect it may be taking version two to prepare the ground for version three, rumours of which you can read about it here.

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One thought on “T-Mobile to bring Sidekick II to UK (at last)

  • Yes this is true i work for T-Mobile Customer Service and the T-Mobile Sidekick 2 will be available to buy in store from the 17th of This Month, make sure you get to the store as soon as you can as these are expected to sell out on the first day, As for price plan you can get them on the Web N Walk but im not to sure if we are doing the Sidekick Unlimited Option yet.

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