Review: Danger Hiptop 2

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The lowdown
The Danger Hiptop 2 was launched in a blaze of publicity in the US a couple of months ago and now it’s being pencilled in for UK launched some time in the new year. A kind of cross between the Nokia N-Gage and the BlackBerry, this is a handset that’s aimed squarely at hip phone buyers.

What’s good?
Push the front and it flips up to reveal a 3.5-inch screen above a surprisingly spacious and usable QWERTY keyboard. There’s a good selection of messaging features, including an intuitve POP3 compatible email system and an instant messaging service courtesy of AOL. Most of the usual smartphone facilities are also on board including a PIM suite, VGA camera and a fast and effective web browser.

What’s bad?
It’s far larger than most smartphones available in Europe and while the design is unusual, it’s not a pretty handset. The absence of key features, such as MP3 playback, Bluetooth and flash memory card compatibility limits its appeal, while battery life is relatively poor.

Do you need it?
Despite its flaws, the Hiptop 2 is sure to find favour among text and email addited 18-40 year olds.


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