Danger's Hiptop2 destined for UK?

Mobile phones

Danger was always threatening to launch its Hiptop smartphone communicator over here in the UK. However, its remained out of reach over the Atlantic for so long that it’s now been superseded by a smaller, lighter model. Perhaps the Hiptop2 will be the one to make it over, and then we can see for ourselves what all the fuss is about.

Over in the US, the Hiptop2 has just been announced for an Autumn launch by T-Mobile (renamed the Sidekick 2 for the purpose). 25 percent smaller than the first Hiptop, it measures 130 x 66 x 22mm and weighs 184g. Sliding up the front screen reveals a QWERTY keyboard, while a new external directional pad means you can now navigate the handset with the screen down.

The built in camera has been improved and now offers VGA (640 x 480 pixels) images as well as an LED flash for close range illumination. There’s 32MB of RAM and 16MB of Flash memory – although we couldn’t find any mention of an expansion slot. There’s also improved support for synchronisation with Outlook and Exchange.


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