Creative reveals 3 new speaker packages

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Anyone else ever noticed that Creative always seem to have twice as
many different product models as any of its competitors? I’m not complaining
but it does get hard to keep track of and now it has unveiled three new speaker
packages to the European market, which will go rather nicely with the other 32
varieties… First up is the GigaWorks
ProGamer G500
, a 5.1 system that actually looks just as versatile for other
media tasks beyond gaming. It has 310 Watts RMS of power (130 of which comes
from the sub alone: ouch) and a neat method of plugging an MP3 player directly
into the unit. The G500 is now available will set you back around £200.

More speaker packages
Zicplay Apocalypse multimedia player speaker packages

The Inspire
is a bit more of a sedate option at only 72 watts RMS with power a
bit more evenly spread. It also has a reasonably funky speaker design, a wired
remote unit and the same MP3 input. Similarly the T3030 option is a very close equivalent but provides a 2.1 option
for people who don’t want all that speaker cable trailing everywhere. The
Inspire T6060 and T3030 are available now for £59.99 and £39.99 respectively.


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