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Given that I’m not the world’s biggest iTunes fan, I am by virtue very interested in anything that subverts the
program’s tight control of what goes on to your iPod. People in the UK
may also be feeling a little left out
compared to our US

counterparts whilst we await the full benefits of iTunes video downloads to resolves
various rights issues. Makayama‘s software, iPod Media Studio, is therefore seriously worth a
closer look as it claims to convert not just DVDs to a format fit for a video
iPod (sorry iPod v5) but also any
AVI, MPEG1, DivX, XVID, VOB, ASF digital video. It can
also do this straight from your hard drive, rewritable CD or DVD player. The
program can be downloaded from Makayama
for EUR 29.95 (about £20) which seems to me a touch on the pricey side but
there is a free trial period.

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