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I’m not sure why but I always find myself
pleasantly surprised by the Ministry of
‘s MP3 players. This basic little 512MB flash player, with the easy to
remember name of MOSMP056X, is a
pretty good example. The gun metal grey style probably isn’t going to win any
awards but it does at least have the look of something that does what it says
on the tin. It is compatible with MP3, WMA, WAV, DRM and ADPCM format digital
audio, it has a little plain LCD display and an integrated FM tuner. 512MB
should let you squeeze around 120 tracks onto it, possibly more, and though it
is powered by 1 x AAA batteries you should get about 15 hours of play from it. Connectivity
is handled by USB 2.0, it is jog proofed and has a couple of playback functions.
All in all a well rounded package, but £80 is a little on the steep side.


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