iRiver's pendant music player

MP3 players

Keeping up with the latest fad for music players that also double as “jewellery”, iriver’s N10 27g music player is designed for wearing round the neck. The earphones form the necklace part, while the player acts as the pendant, a mirrored surface making the player look shiny even when it’s switched off.

The N10’s 128MB, 256MB and 512MB capacities keeps it in line with similar flash-based MP3/WMA players out there, while 12 hours of battery life should supply enough power for most users.

Prices are currently set at £99 for 128MB, £129 for 256MB and £167 for 512MB. These players are going to have to get much cheaper, though, so that we can all afford to buy new ones when muggers whip them off our necks every time we go out.


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