Texting device for your home phone

Mobile phones

If you’re so antisocial you can’t even be bothered to speak to people when you’re calling from your home phone, BoysStuff is selling just the gadget for you. The £19.25 Magic Messenger, which lets you send texts using your landline, means you may never have to bother talking to anyone ever again.

The unit, which plugs directly into your phone, includes a QWERTY keypad, so there’s no excuses for txt spk when you message your mother to wish her happy birthday. Texts cost 10p and you just need to register with BT’s Caller Display Service to get it up and running.

The phone book can store up to 95 contacts, with the last 40 numbers you texted stored automatically for future reference. Up to 10 units can be plugged into one phone line and there’s a text dictionary with a selection of emoticons, to let you stick in winking smilies for those friends who don’t catch the subtle ironic tone of your messages.


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