Another 'phone to eat iPod' report

Mobile phones

Here’s yet another report predicting that pretty soon we’ll be saying iPod who? and listening to music on our mobiles.

The study, Global Tech Insight 2005 from TNS, surveyed 6,800 adults aged 16-49 who own either a mobile phone, PDA or laptop and who access the Internet every week. It found that 19% of all mobile phone owners listen to music on their phones, and that 13% of all mobile users use MP3 or digital music players on their phones daily or weekly. This rises to 18% among mobile users in the UK and to 26% among users in South Korea.

Apparently the factors deterring mobile users from downloading more songs onto their phones are ‘insufficient memory’, ‘poor quality’ of the listening experience and difficulties in downloading, compared to transferring music from other devices. Sound familiar?

There’s loads more on the report here

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