Zicplay Apocalypse multimedia player speaker systems

Home audio

With the amount of digital media about the
place it is highly likely that, unless you have a fancy MP3 player docking
station, most of your music and movie sounds will come out of an underwhelming
PC speaker set. Although technically the Apocalypse system could be used with
any digital media player to good effect, using its 3.5mm jack input, I would
reckon that being attached to a home computer puts Zicplay‘s offering in its
best setting. This is an area of the speaker market normally dominated by the
likes of Creative and Logitech so it’s nice to see some new blood.

The Zicplay Apocalypse sets itself aside
from the competition by using vacuum tube amplifier technology for enhanced
sound quality. The Apocalypse 3 and 5 systems differ in terms of power but each
have a 40 watt sub and two 15w or 20w satellite speakers respectively. At £119
they are starting towards a premium setup so hopefully the introduction of this
vacuum tube technology will pay off. They will be available shortly from the Zicplay

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