Saitek's wireless designer speakers

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A few months ago I remember getting rather worked up over some seriously sexy new speakers from Saitek.

Well they have finally arrived. Pick of the range is the £100 A-250, a speaker Saitek worked on with great old British hi-fi company Mission, which is designed so that you can plug your MP3 player into it and listen to it wherever you fancy. It can also be connected wirelessly to a PC or Mac with the music streamed across the network to the speakers.

Then there’s its baby brother, the £80 A-200, which is aimed more at travellers who want speakers to accompany them on their journeys. Its key feature is something called EAVS (Expanded Air Volume System) chamber which when it expands apparently increases the air volume inside the speaker to boost bass and whacks up the sound.

Saitek has also unveiled a pair of wireless, headphones in the £20 A-300.

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