Yahoo! says "no" to Microsoft – thinks it's worth more than $45 billion


yahoo-says-no-to-microsoft.jpgYahoo! rejected Microsoft’s friendly buyout offer over the weekend, saying that MS’s $45bn offer “massively undervalues” the Yahoo! brand.

Clearly still thinking it’s 1997 and Google doesn’t exist yet, Yahoo! is apparently sticking out for $40 a share – a significant increase on Microsoft’s $31 offer. That would result in MS having to turn Bill Gates upside down and shake out another $12 billion to get the deal signed.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal suggests Yahoo! is investigating some extraordinary options to try and remain independent and fend off Microsoft – including outsourcing its advertising wing to online behemoth Google, or teaming up with other big internet name of yesteryear AOL.

Isn’t it all just a bit too much money and effort to inevitably finish second place to Google?

(Via Wall Street Journal)

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