Samsung backtracks over L870 "Safari" claim – it uses a standard Series 60 browser after all


Quite a few Apple fans got rather tecthy and a little bit over-protective a few days ago, when it was revealed that their beloved – and occasionally adequate – Safari browser would be appearing on the Samsung L870.

Well, it’s OK, Apple kids – you still have the exclusive. Samsung “clarified” the situation today, pointing out that the L870 – due in August – will come with your standard S60 OSS browser. Not Safari…

Yahoo! says "no" to Microsoft – thinks it's worth more than $45 billion

yahoo-says-no-to-microsoft.jpgYahoo! rejected Microsoft’s friendly buyout offer over the weekend, saying that MS’s $45bn offer “massively undervalues” the Yahoo! brand.

Clearly still thinking it’s 1997 and Google doesn’t exist yet, Yahoo! is apparently sticking out for $40 a share – a significant increase on Microsoft’s $31 offer. That would result in MS having to turn Bill Gates upside down and shake out another $12 billion to get the deal signed…

World of Warcraft definitely, positively, 100% NOT coming to consoles. Ever

wow-console-NONONO.jpgPoor old WoW maker Blizzard must get asked this question 100 times a day, yet the answer remains the same – no. For the love of god, NO.

Speaking once again on the possibility of the massively-popular RPG coming to PlayStation3 or Xbox 360 or even Wii, or phone, or DS, or anything that’s not a proper computer with a mouse and stuff, Blizzard’s vice-president of game design Rob Pardo…