Samsung backtracks over L870 "Safari" claim – it uses a standard Series 60 browser after all

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samsung-l870-no-safari.jpgQuite a few Apple fans got rather tetchy and a little bit over-protective a few days ago, when it was revealed that their beloved – and occasionally adequate – Safari browser would be appearing on the Samsung L870.

Well, it’s OK, Apple kids – you still have the exclusive. Samsung “clarified” the situation today, pointing out that the L870 – due in August – will come with your standard S60 OSS browser. Not Safari.

It would appear that Samsung purposefully intended to call its browser “Safari” – as mentioned in spec-lists obtained by Phone Arena – but actually didn’t realise (or care) that Apple sort of already has that name bagsied.

So Series 60 web browsing it is. Stand down, everyone. False alarm.

Via (Engadget)

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