Oh no! iPhone 3G could be delayed until… later. Plenty more time for rumours


iphone_3g.jpgI can’t really be too harsh on the iPhone rumourmongers — after all, it gives us a lot to write about particularly on Friday afternoons when there’s nothing else going on outside the pubs — but it does seem that a few analysts have too much time on their hands.

Every time a company with even a tentative link to Apple says anything at all, at least one person will draw a conclusion that the iPhone is coming now, or next week, or next month, or in 2009, or never (well, OK, maybe not “never”)

Infineon, a German manufacturer of HSDPA chips and believed to be Apple’s supplier for the iPhone 3G (that no-one has officially announced yet) has warned of “dampened demand” for its products.

You’ve guessed it — they must be referring to Apple, hence the iPhone 3G has been delayed, or it’ll be sold in much smaller quantities on launch day. Forget the hundreds of containers Apple has been receiving since March (not that we know what’s in them).

Bring on the analysts.

UBS analyst Nicolas Gaudoius told Reuters, “In our view the profit warning has been caused by ramp changes of next generation iPhone,” while JPMorgan analyst Sandeep Deshpande said, “It could be possible that the lower volumes in the certain platform ramp cited could be Apple reducing the initial launch volume.”

Or, it could possibly be something completely unrelated to the iPhone, particularly as Apple would’ve had to place orders for its HSDPA chips months ago.

Still, the “news” gives everyone something to do.

(Via Information Week)

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