The Samsung Steel – exclusively on Vodafone this June

Mobile phones

samsung-steel-exclusive-vodafone-june-ukAnother shiny metal slider, kind of similar to the previously announced Samsung Soul – but changing the specs to give it a slightly more obvious multimedia angle, hiding away a few more buttons and losing the Soul’s interactive screen thing.

On the HARD FACTS side of things, the Steel has a 2.2″ screen, does HSDPA for better web speeds if you’re facing in the right direction and standing on something high enough to get a good reception, plus there’s a 3megapixel camera in there with auto focus – and Bluetooth for getting the pictures off without having to find the cable.

The Steel takes microSD cards of up to 8GB for recording all your interesting life events without having to delete previous interesting life events to make room. And, of course, “Steel” is a much better name for a phone than “Touchwiz.”

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