Pioneer announces LCDs to go with their high end Kuro range


Kuro-logo.jpgAs expected from the quotes back in February Pioneer today announced the addition of LCD screens to their high end Kuro range which until now has solely been comprised of plasmas.

Pioneer has been in big trouble of late with its LCD TVs the saviour of their other products and they’re hoping that this expansion of their Kuro flatscreen family will encourage the public to take note.

The 32″, 37″ and 42″ LCDs use the same filters as the top of the range 50″ and 60″ G9 plasmas, which were demonstrated today to staggering effect. The 1080p plasmas have a five times blacker canvas for an impressively wider and deeper range of colours which we are assured will be mimicked in the LCDs as well.

Mindful of mismatching their TV chip sets with incongruous separates from other brands, Pioneer also announced high end AV receivers, Blu-Ray players and amplifiers including the flagship SC-LX90 which demonstrates their luxurious intentions with a slightly ridiculous 10 x 140W channel amplifier. But if you really want to spend some cash and 60 inches of plasma just wont cut it, then the daddy of the range is the KRF-9000FD 1080p front screen projector.

The new Kuro technology behind the G9 range is certainly impressive and with LCD the watch word of many consumers, the new additions look like a very smart move. All that remains is to see how they fare against the likes of the LG Scarlet and Panasonic’s new offerings.


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