Pioneer loves KURO so much it's making a high definition projector too

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Pioneer really believes in its KURO products, because along with the new KURO plasma TVs comes the announcement of an Elite KURO high definition projector — the PRO-FPJ1.

Using LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology, Pioneer claims that the 1080p projector can produce the same levels of black as their KURO TVs. Personally, I’d be surprised if that’s true given the different technologies involved. It’s certainly something to live up to.

Detailed specs aren’t available yet, so all we are told is that it has a high native contrast ratio and high quality picture performance.

Designed for customised installations in expensive home cinema set-ups, the projector features a wide lens shift capability (should make it easier to tuck it away and still get a great picture) plus dual HDMI inputs.

Launching in the US next month, it will set videophiles back a cool $9,000 (£4,600).

Pioneer UK (image via Engadget HD)

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