The Samsung Steel – exclusively on Vodafone this June


Another shiny metal slider, kind of similar to the old (three months is a lifetime in the phone world) Samsung Soul – but changing the specs to give it a slightly more obvious multimedia angle.

On the HARD FACTS side of things, the Steel has a 2.2″ screen, does HSDPA for better web speeds if you’re facing in the right direction and standing on something high enough to get a good reception, plus there’s a 3megapixel…

LEXON fire first shot in The Great Calculator War with the 'Jet'


I found one of these in a friend’s drawer last week, (and one of these in a box at home actually, you can kiss my feet and get my autograph later) and came to the conclusion ‘pocket’ calculator design reached its zenith in the early 80’s.

LEXON have since taken umbrage at my comments and announced an aluminum alloy sliding-phone style calculator which hides the screen when closed. It is available from April at KRW 42,000 (£21) for the silver version and KRW 52,000 (£26) for the gold.

Silver DS Lite coming to Europe


Does the world want silver handheld gaming devices? I’ve always been quite pleased that Nintendo and Sony have shunned traditional gadget hues in favour of sleek black or white devices (or, in recent times, multicoloured ones).

Nevertheless, Nintendo has announced that its silver DS Lite will go on sale in Europe on 12th October for £99, which the company optimistically claims is “the perfect accessory whatever you’re wearing!” What if you’re clad entirely in gold?