World of Warcraft definitely, positively, 100% NOT coming to consoles. Ever


wow-console-NONONO.jpgPoor old WoW maker Blizzard must get asked this question 100 times a day, yet the answer remains the same – no. For the love of god, NO.

Speaking once again on the possibility of the massively-popular RPG coming to PlayStation3 or Xbox 360 or even Wii, or phone, or DS, or anything that’s not a proper computer with a mouse and stuff, Blizzard’s vice-president of game design Rob Pardo smacked down any hopes of ever getting to play WoW on the sofa.

“WoW was really never designed for the console experience” Pardo told GameDaily, adding “for us to try and put it on a console would be a Herculean effort that would only take away from our ability to serve our current customers.”

So that’s yet another “NO” to console World of Warcraft. Expect the same story to circulate again in a week or two, when the next person interviews some bloke from Blizzard and is told the same thing yet again.

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