X-SEED 4000 – science fiction housing for one million people


xseed4000.jpgJapan’s Taisei Construction Corporation has a dream. It’s dream is to make a building taller than all the other buildings.

Only the X-SEED 4000 project doesn’t just stand a few metres over existing towers – it’s nearly TEN TIMES the size of current sky-scraping record holders. Inspired by Japan’s Mount Fuji, the eco-friendly, solar powered, mountain-like pile could house up to one million people, and would cover six square kilometres of Tokyo harbour real estate were it to get the go ahead.

It’s unlikely to get the go ahead, though, thanks to a projected budget of anything up to $900 billion to build. We’re fairly sure that’s more money than there is in the world.

Via (Inhabitat.com)

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One thought on “X-SEED 4000 – science fiction housing for one million people

  • With big projects like that, you have to keep in mind that it is all relative. Housing for one million people over a given amount of time would surely cover the costs. Obviously it is a project of an immense undertaking but nevertheless feasible. And as for 900 billion dollars being more money than there is in the world…stock markets house trillions…and I think HSBC does a trillion dollars in transactions daily…

    So yeah not cost-prohibitive, just overwhelming.

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