The majestic airship returns!

Zeppelin-nt-airship.jpgIt’s been long enough. Today’s passengers can barely remember the horrific fireball. Time for the airship to make a comeback.

The German-built Zeppelin NT is 75 meters long and cruises at a top speed of 50 miles an hour. Don’t laugh, that’s fast for a thing made out of sheets and…

Toyota's 'RiN' concept hybrid car looks after the environment, the passengers, and pedestrians. Darn over-achievers!

During the Tokyo Motor Show of 2007, car-giant Toyota showed off their eco-friendly hybrid concept car.

Dubbed ‘RiN’, it it not only promotes environmental sustainability, but also looks after its users, with heated seats, an oxygen-level conditioner, pinpoint humidifier and green grass to reduce ultraviolet rays from…

Tokyo Flash gives users a taste of Tokyo with the 'Kyokusen' watch

tokyo-flash-watch-kyokusen.jpgI don’t think I know a single person who doesn’t love Tokyo Flash watches, but then, I don’t think I know a single person who actually knows how to read the time on one of their famously-complicated watch faces.

The Japanese company has a new model out, ‘Kyokusen’, which has apparently been inspired by Tokyo, as shown through the digital tubes, curved lines and bright lights. ‘Kyokusen’ means ‘curved lines’ in Japanese, and…