The majestic airship returns!


Zeppelin-nt-airship.jpgIt’s been long enough. Today’s passengers can barely remember the horrific fireball. Time for the airship to make a comeback.

The German-built Zeppelin NT is 75 meters long and cruises at a top speed of 50 miles an hour. Don’t laugh, that’s fast for a thing made out of sheets and powered by a few propellers.

Tickets for a trip on the thing, which is going into service flying people around the skies of Tokyo, cost around £600, with day and night flights on offer. Japanese operator Nippon Airship hopes to roll it out – or float it above – more cities in the future, should the scheme be a success and not involve any fireballs.

Don’t expect this to usher in a whole new era of air transportation, though – the 747-sized airship only has enough room in its tiny cabin for eight passengers and one member of staff. There’s also a toilet, should you and your date fancy joining the incredibly exclusive 500-metres-high-and-50-miles-an-hour-club.

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