Preparing laptops for airport security


Absolute Software have seized upon the current situation facing many travellers who may be unable to carry their notebook PCs onto flights, or at least face heightened security surrounding electronic items.

Of course, you’d expect them to plug a piece of their software, but they do also offer some common sense advice for safeguarding your PC whilst travelling.

Obvious things, you’d think, but security breaches hitting the news recently would suggest that people need reminding at any opportunity.

Tips include:

  • Using decent luggage locks
  • Packing laptops with soft foam/bubble wrap
  • Putting laptop bags inside other luggage
  • Using strong passwords, data encryption, and not writing your username in the laptop case (duh)
  • Backing up data before travel
  • Shut down the laptop before packing, rather than leaving it in sleep/hibernate mode
  • Use more portable data storage devices like USB thumb drives where possible

Most of the tips given are free or inexpensive, and will help keep your laptop safe and secure in transit.

So, you’ve saved your expensive kit from the boot of the baggage
handler, but how are you going to pass the time on the flight without


Andy Merrett
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