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It’s certainly a buyer’s matrket when it comes to music downloads, so you’ve got to so something special to get yourself noticed. In the case of eMusic, it’s giving away free music during a trial period – and even if you don’t sign up, it’s yours to keep.

eMusic is best known as a digital music supplier in the US, but the service has now launched its MP3 DRM-free download subscription service in the UK. If you sign up for the free two-week trial, you can download up to 25 free tracks. The UK service currently has around one million tracks on offer, mostly from independent music labels. You can’t download single tracks, you have to sign up to a monthly plan – then you can download up to the limit of that plan.

A £9 monthly subscription buys up to 40 downloads in a 30-day period, rising to 65 and 90 songs for £12 and £15 respectively. You can’t carry over any unused downloads. What it does have going for it is track ownership. Unlike subscription services such as Napster and Virgin Digital, if you cancel your subscription, you can still listen to the songs you’ve downloaded. And your music will play on any device.

The trial period runs for two weeks, but you still have to register a valid credit card with the company.

eMusic website

Via The Register

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