MWC 2008: Samsung hedges its bets with both Google Android and Linux-based LiMo handsets

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<img style=”margin:5px; float: left;alt=”samsung-mobile-logo-2.jpg” src=”” width=”196″ height=”84″ />Clever sods. Instead of just banking on one format, they’re hedging their bets and developing handsets for both Google’s Android and the LiMo Foundation, with some Linux-based handsets. They must’ve learnt their fence-sitting ways recently with their HD DVD/Blu-ray multi-players.

Unveiled today, the Linux-based SGH-i800 handset is powered by the LiMo mobile OS, although little more is known on it than that. As for the Android-based models, well, they’re hoping for a release date of early 2009.

LiMo knows a good thing when they come across it, with Ben Wood, the Research Director at consultancy CCS Insight claiming “having the Koreans on board is good news for LiMo as they will drive innovation,” but that they know “that these companies will quickly desert the initiative if it does not deliver against the ambitious expectations it has set.”

(via PC Pro)

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